Thursday, February 28, 2008

How many working hours do people really need?

Growing up, I always heard the expression "9 to 5" referring working life. Typical working day. Eight hours long. Eight very long hours long. But my first job out of college was a slap in the face. Not only was it not the typical "9 to 5", but we were generally not even allowed to leave at the hour we were told to leave.

But the question is, do people really NEED 8+ hours of work to get things done? Who was the person that mandated this 8 hour rule as the standard in the working word? The truth is that people don't really NEED 8 hours. They can probably get all of their work done in, dare I say it, 6 hours a day. Or, *GASP* even less. Having eight hours to fill, most employees are in no rush to get their work done. They take their time in the morning: check their favorite blogs, what's happening in the news, has anyone written on their Facebook / MySpace accounts. When 11 AM rolls around, most people I know finally get some work in - the timing of course being perfect to only get an hour worth of work in before lunch time rolls around. Now I know this system is not the same for everyone, but the point is that we don't use time at work efficiently because there is so much of it! Who really needs 8 hour work days? No one, really.

Any successful people out there who only do a few hours of work a day?

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